Why Being a Girlie Girl Isn’t as Ridiculous as I Once Thought


I admit it:  I used to kind of take pride in the fact that I didn’t really wear makeup, much perfume, etc.  Until I was 31, I had never ever had a manicure (a fact that, today, makes me kind of cringe).  Even when I was in my mid-20s, my makeup was all left over remnants of my college days.  I even sometimes looked down on girls and women who fussed too much over all that stuff.  To me, it seemed like there were more important and interesting things to concern oneself with.  I also liked the fact that I was more natural and “granola” looking.

My, how things have changed.

My name is Caitlin, and I’m a make-upaholic.

I am now afraid to cheat on my nail lady for fear she’ll dump me.

I need multiple things to keep all my makeup and makeup accessories in.

And I am okay with this.

Basically, I had a kind of intervention done on me a couple years ago.  A couple of women I worked with had a wonderful, professional makeup artist show me how much fun makeup could be, and how it could help me play up my already existing, fabulous features.  At first, this completely freaked me out, I’ll admit.  I went home kind of hating it, even though I knew I looked great.  I had spent the entire day looking beautiful, but I had a panic attack anyway.  Go figure.

However, the next day, I found myself wanting to get some basic makeup stuff I didn’t own.  I had not purchased foundation in forever (possibly middle school), so I started there.  Then, I started noticing all these gorgeous colors of eye shadow Cover Girl has (I swear by Knock Out Pink, by the way).  I found myself getting makeup tips from Carmendy on TLC’s What Not to Wear (see previous blog post).  After watching her put makeup on someone with green eyes, I would go out and get the colors she had recommended for doing their eyes.  Before I knew it, I had an overflowing Caboodle with multiple colors of purple eye liner.

I also found myself feeling more and more confident about myself. Now, I’m not saying my confidence is solely based on my appearance—it never has, and it never will be.  I still sometimes ditch the makeup on the weekends if I am not doing anything special.  I am just saying that makeup has served to help me feel more confident and put together at work, when going out for a good time, etc.  I take a certain amount of pride in having well-manicured nails.  I have come to realize that there’s nothing wrong in using these things to help you feel more able to take on the world.  It is not shallow, or vacuous to be into those things, which is what I once thought. It is a tool for helping you say to the world:  Hey, I am here, and I am FABULOUS.




My Adventures at Paleyfest 2013


For the past three years, I have attended the Paley Center for Media’s yearly Paleyfest.  This weeks along celebration of television is held every year in March.  Each afternoon or evening event focuses on a particular current television show.  Attendees have the opportunity to watch a highlight reel, upcoming episode, or some other form of video entertainment.  Afterwards, cast and crew come out to do a moderated discussion and Q and A with the fans.  In other words, you get to enjoy one of your favorite shows with those who make it possible. In the past, I have attended panels for True Blood, Once Upon a Time, and Castle.

This year, I attended 2 panels:  ABC’s Once Upon a Time and CBS’s The Big Bang Theory.  In all honesty, if time permitted, there were at least a couple other panels I would have loved to attend.  However, the two that I was able to attend were immensely enjoyable.


The Once Upon a Time panel was held on Sunday, March 3rd.  The episode “The Queen is Dead” was screened for the audience, as well as the 1st act of the episode that would follow, “The Miller’s Daughter.” Having the chance to watch this cinematic show on the big screen was a treat.  It demonstrated how each episode of the show really is treated like a mini movie.

 Afterwards, several cast members came out for the panel:  Jennifer Morrison (“Emma”), Ginnifer Goodwin (“Snow” and “Mary Margaret”), Josh Dallas (“Charming” and “David”), Lana Parilla (“Regina” and “Evil Queen”), Robert Carlyle (“Rumperstiltskin” and “Mr. Gold”), Emilie De Raven (“Belle”), and Colin O’Donaghue (“Hook”).  Also, the series creators, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz were included as well.  The cast and crew discussed upcoming stories, such as an episode where fans will get to see the early days of fictional Storybrook, Maine.  They hinted at where things might be going when the divulged the finale titles “2nd Star to the Right” and “Straight On ‘Til Morning.”  Methinks that Neverland is soon going to be visited.  Also, it seems as though the course of true love will not soon run smoothly for Rumple and Belle (tear drop).

After the panel finished, fans made a mad dash to the stage to try and get autographs (note to the Paley Center:  You might want to come up with some kind of a system for this in the future).  I was able to meet most of them, and here’s what I learned.  Josh Dallas’s/Charming’s smile really is that amazing, Ginnifer Goodwin is as sweet as she seems, Colin’s accent kills me, and the entire group really seems to appreciate their fans.


Oh, the Big Bang Theory…my newest of television obsessions! After watching a season 6 highlight reel and a sneak peek of the next episode, the ENTIRE cast and 3 of the producers came out for this sold out event (which even had attendees from Brazil and the Philippines), and they were as hilarious as one would expect from watching the show.  Jim Parson’s dead panned ribbing of himself and fellow cast members was adorable.  Melissa Rauche’s dead on impression of “Mrs. Wolowitz’s” voice had the entire audience in hysterics, and it took some time for the crowd to get a grip on their laughter—personally, I was practically on the floor myself.  The producers admitted that sometimes they put something in the script for “Sheldon,” knowing that they can rely on Parson’s to come up with whatever it is they need (i.e. Sheldon’s “smile”).  There were also some funny questions from the audience, such as “Will Sheldon and Amy ever actually have sex?” and “When did you decide to make Amy gay for Penny?” 

If you are a television fan as I am, definitely try to make a Paleyfest event next year!  For more information, you can check out www.paleycenter.org.