Why New Kids on the Block Still Rock My World and Make Me Smile

new kids young

My name is Caitlin.  I am 32.  I still love New Kids on the Block.  The confessional part of this blog is now done.

My love of New Kids on the Block goes back to elementary school.  They were the first band I ever truly fell in love with on my own.  I remember trying to decide if I was more of a Joey Joe or Jordan girl.  At some point, I guess I must have decided on Jordan, because I remember that he was the one whose doll I owned.  I gave that doll a haircut, by the way, because I never could back Jordan’s hair tail.  I remember falling asleep upon my official New Kids on the Block sheets in the 4th grade.  Oh, and one of the best Christmas presents I ever received were the Step by Step and Hangin’ Tough VHS tapes! 

jordan sheets<

In January of 1994, when I was 12 years old, my family bought our very first CD player, and I remember that the first CD I ever owned was New Kids on the Block’s Face the Music.  Admittedly, by this point, many of my peers had abandoned our beloved New Kids, which I thought was tragic. Nevertheless, I remained true to the Kids, and convinced by parents to allow me to attend my first concert ever:  It was the New Kids on the Block Face the Music tour at the Palace Theater in Los Angeles.   I. Was. In. Heaven.  I was surrounded by my people.  After the show, I drafted many a letter to Seventeen Magazine to try to convince them to stop making fun of my boys!  I argued that the crowd at the show PROVED they were still relevant.

Flash forward to 2010. The Kids were Men now, but they were back and rocking once more. Sadly, I had missed the previous tour for The Block for some reason that I cannot recall, and I’m sure I’d be ashamed of if I could. However, a friend of mine from High School won 10th row tickets to the NKOTBSB show at the Staples Center, and I begged to be her +1.  We had the most amazing time I think I have ever had at a concert before or since (sorry to all my musician friends….I’m just keeping it real here).  We danced as though we were back in the 5th grade again.  We shrieked and screamed our heads off during the show, and blasted the NKOTBSB CD in her car afterwards.  Ever since, we still recall that as one of the best nights either of us could ever remember having.

All this has gotten me wondering:  What is it about the music that still speaks to those of us who loved them decades ago?  Perhaps it reminds us of a time when we were younger, and things were simpler.  It could also be the infectious melodies and harmonies that we can’t help but sing along with—for me, it’s usually very loud, in my car, ignoring the looks I’m getting from others.  Also, I’m going to be honest:  they still make my heart melt.  I will say though, now that I’m older, I’m finding myself a Donnie girl, which is interesting.  I’m not sure what that says about me and a possible tendency towards bad boys.


At any rate, I shall be with that very same friend who rocked out with me 3 years ago when NKOTB comes to the Staples Center July 5 for the Package Tourth.  My only regret is that I’m a broke public school teacher, so the Meet and Greet packages were a bit out of my reach.  However, I am choosing to believe that the dream I had last night, where I met all the boys—er, men—will one day come true!




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