My Summer with NKOTB


This summer, New Kids on the Block hit the road with Boys II Men and 98 Degrees to bring us The Package Tour, and WHAT a package it was. I was able to attend 2 of the stops on the tour: Los Angeles and Anaheim, with my friend and fellow Blockhead, Michelle. In all honesty, we had an amazing experience.


First of all, I want to note that NKOTB still brings an amazing amount of energy to their shows. You can’t help but feel that when you’re a part of the audience. Genuine enthusiasm emanated from the stage the entire two hours that they played. For those who may have any doubts, yes, the vocals and dance moves are all still there—although, I’m thinking there are move pelvic thrusts, crotch grabbing, and showing off of the abs than there used to be. Vocally, Joey McIntyre still kills it on Please Don’t Go Girl, and Jordan Knight shines in I’ll Be Lovin’ You (Forever). Donnie Wahlberg gets into the act by rocking it during Cover Girl. One moment I particularly loved was when Jonathan Knight, who has been very honest about his issues with anxiety, shone during his solo in Survive You.

Second of all, they definitely seem to still love what they’re doing after 25 years. I left feeling as those these “Kids,” who are now men in their early to mid-40’s, could teach today’s young performers a thing or two about having passion on stage. Also, they seem to really understand the connection that exists between a band and their fans. They realize that the comeback they are experiencing would not have happened without the support of their fans, and the fans can see that.

Here is the set list from the tour, which was a mix of songs from their new album, 10, and old fan favorites.

We Own Tonight

Block Party


The Right Stuff

The Whisper (blended with “Shout” at the end)

Survive You

Didn’t I Blow Your Mind

Valentine Girl

If You Go Away

Please Don’t Go Girl

Remix (I Like The)


Baby I Believe In You

I Remember When (this seems to have replaced the previous two songs)

I’ll Be There

Tender Love

Click Click Click

Faith (George Michael Cover, Joey on lead vocals)

Kiss (Price Cover, Jordan on lead vocals), followed by short clip of Sexy and I Know It (LMFAO cover)

Hot In Here (Nelly cover)

Dirty Dancing

We Found Love (Rihanna cover, some shows only)

Step By Step

Cover Girl

Games (The guys film the crowd while Icona Pop’s “I Love It” plays)

Tonight I’ll Be Loving You (Forever)

Hangin’ Tough (with Dropkick Murphys’ “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” and Queen’s “We Will Rock You”)


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